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Charlie Sheen's Scandals

Charlie Sheen

There've been stories about substance abuse, several marriages and charges of domestic abuse, and fights with producers of his most famous vehicle, "Two and a Half Men". Charlie Sheen's life has been marked with several scandals. For moe, see Charlie Sheen's arrest.

For a while, he was able to keep his name out of the news. But nothing lasts forever.

It was in early autumn, 2014 that Charlie became embroiled in his latest drama. Or was it a comedy? If it was, Charlie wasn't laughing.

Police sources told TMZ that the actor got involved in a fight at a dentist's office, allegedly pulling a knife on a dental technician while undergoing treatment for an abscess.

Sheen reportedly became riled while he was getting nitrous oxide prior to the procedure. He's accused of hitting the tech and pulling a knife on his personal dentist, who was there with the oral surgeon.

TMZ says Charlie's bodyguard told the dentist that Charlie was high on rock cocaine at the time!

But the actor's publicist followed up saying that Charlie wasn't high at all, and just had an adverse reaction to the gas that the dentist gave him.

Los Angeles Police confirmed an investigation into a Charlie Sheen incident, but didn't provide details.

But wait -- there's more!

The dentist denies the dental tech's story and fired her because she talked about Charlie office visit, which violated HIPPA laws.

And Charlie had some choice words of his own for that dental technician…

Charlie Sheen

…who he called a "jobless, washout traitor", telling TMZ to give her the following message:

"Hey cholesterol pants: Maybe you should have taken the crack you so brazenly and ignorantly accused me of being on, and sold it! Now that you're a jobless washout and a traitor, you're gonna need the extra dough ... lick those food stamps, you desperate troll. C."

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