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Chris Brown's Scandals

Chris Brown

The Chris Brown / Rhianna Assault Scandal:

Recording star, actor, dancer, Chris Brown has enjoyed success in R&B, pop, dance and hip hop music.

Born and bred in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Some of his major hits include "Run It!"…"Kiss Kiss", "With You" and "Forever."

But when most people hear his name, they remember that he pleaded guilty to felony assault of his girlfriend, the singer Rhianna.

Rhianna before and after she got beat up

The assault happened in February 2009, when an argument between the two turned violent.

Rhianna had facial injuries which required hospitalization.

Rhianna beat up

In June 2009, Chris pleaded guilty to a felony and was sentenced to five years' probation and six months of community service. He also lost seven endorsement deals, had his songs dropped from several radio stations and pulled out of public appearances, including the 2009 Grammy Awards

And it didn't easily fade away. He was denied entry to the United Kingdom in June 2010 because of his assault on Rhianna.

To top it off, in January 2013, Rhianna confirmed she and Chris resumed their romantic relationship.

Chris Brown and Rhianna

By May, Chris said they broke up again.

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