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Willie Nelson's Scandals

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson, Pot & Taxes.

A country music fan favorite, Willie Nelson's had several career highs as a singer and a song writer.

Willie Nelson performing

His biggest recordings include "On the Road Again and "You Were Always on My Mind".

And his song writing skills helped others in their careers, like Patsy Cline, who had a major hit with "Crazy".

Here's Willie singing it himself, back in 1961.

Willie also likes to get high on pot and it's led to some very public arrests, like 1974 in Dallas and 1994 near Waco, Texas. These arrests caused a stir when they happened, because it was still decades before marijuana was made legal in some states for medical or recreational use.

Willie also had a squabble with the Internal Revenue Service in 1990, when the tax man said he owed the U.S. 32 million dollars. The final bill was negotiated to half that amount – 16 million bucks – but he still refused to pay and most of his assets were seized by the government.

He cleared his debts by 1993 and got a lot of his stuff back when his friends bought it at auction and turned it back to him, sometimes for a rental fee.

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