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Stephen Collins's Scandals

Stephen Collins

The Stephen Collins child molestation scandal:

He's a familiar face on TV, starring in the family series "7th Heaven" for eleven years.

Stephen Collins on 7th Heaven

But now, two cable TV networks – UP TV and TV Guide - refuse to air reruns of the show because veteran actor Stephen Collins is being investigated for child molestation.

A complaint was filed against him in 2012, accusing Collins of forcing a girl, then 14, to commit a lewd act in his Manhattan apartment. And Collins allegedly confessed in a secretly recorded conversation with his then-wife Faye Grant…

Stephen Collins and his wife

…now made public…that he molested or had exposed himself to children.

The admission allegedly came in therapy sessions. He didn't know his wife was recording them.

Grant states her husband has said two of the girls he molested were abused when they were between the ages of 10 and 14 years old. Some of the alleged molestations occurred in California.

Collins lawyer attacked Grant's use of the recordings as "an attempt to extort concessions in a divorce settlement from Collins."

The now scandalized actor also appeared in several feature length films, including "All the President's Men"…

Stephen Collins in All the President's Men

…and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Stephen Collins in Star Trek
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