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Amanda Knox's Scandals

Amanda Knox

They were accused of murder and spent eight years under suspicion - and sometimes under conviction -before the case against them was completely dismissed.

Amanda Knox was born and raised in Seattle and went to the University of Washington before deciding to study in Italy. In Perugia, she shared a flat with two Italian woman and Meredith Kercher…

Meredith Kercher

…a British student on exchange from the University of Leeds.

In early November, 2007, Kercher's body was found in their apartment.

Amanda Knox' apartment in italy

She'd been murdered and sexually assaulted. Knox, her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito…

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

…were charged with the crime, along with Rudy Guede.

Rudy Guede

Knox was accused of slashing Kercher's throat and staging it to look like there was a break-in. She and Sollecito pleaded not guilty but were convicted, with Knox getting a 26 year prison sentence and Sollecito getting 25 years.

Amanda Knox

Fast forward to October 2011 and Knox and Sollecito were acquitted on appeal and released.

Amanda Knox in newspapers and tabloids

But not for long, because in March, 2015, Italy's highest criminal court threw out the acquittal and conducted a retrial. Knox and Sollecito were convicted again in January 2014 and Knox now got 28 ½ years in prison and Sollecito 25.

Amanda Knox book cover

But on March 27, 2015, Italy's highest court, the Supreme Court of Cassation, overturned the conviction,

Knox and Sollecito were free.

Case closed for Knox and Sollecito but Guede – a drifter originally from the Ivory Coast - was tried separately and is serving a 16 year prison term.

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