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Eliot Spitzer's Scandals

Eliot Spitzer

The Eliot Spitzer Prostitute-Infidelity Scandal:

He was an up and coming Democrat politician in one of the bluest states, New York. Having served as the state's Attorney General, he swept to victory as Governor and appeared poised to go even further in his political career. (Remember, several New York Governors ran for President: Alfred E. Smith, Franklin Roosevelt, and Thomas Dewey in the 20th Century alone.)

Eliot Spitzer had a privileged start. Born and raised in the toney Riverdale section of the Bronx, his father Bernard was a real estate tycoon. Eliot attended Ivy League Schools: Princeton as an undergrad and Harvard Law School for his legal degree.

He worked against organized crime in the Manhattan District Attorney's office and defeated the incumbent Attorney General in the 1998 election. As A-G, he sued the head of the New York stock Exchange, Richard Grasso, over what was perceived to be an excessive pay package.

Richard Grasso

In 2007, he was elected to New York's top office and was a promoter of same sex marriage in the state.

However, Elliot Spitzer had a title other than simply Governor. He was also known "Client 9."

You see, Spitzer was a regular client at a call girl ring. The "New York Times" broke the story on March 10, 2008, saying he was a customer at Emperors Club VIP and had a 2 hour session with a thousand dollar an hour call girl. A federal wiretap led to accusations that he had seven or eight liaisons and spent over $15K. Some reports say he paid over eighty grand for hookers from the time he started patronizing them while A-G and continuing as Governor.

He was busted when his ties to a call girl named "Kristen" (Ashley Alexandra Dupre) were revealed.

Ashley Dupre

It ruined Spitzer's career and he was forced to resign.

And his wife of 26 years, Silda Wall, divorced him in 2013. They had three daughters together.

Eliott Spitzer with his family

And although Spitzer's attempted to come back through the media as a political commentator on CNN, he lost a bid to become New York City Comptroller in 2013.

Eliott Spitzer on cover of newspaper running for Comptroller

And his lofty aspirations of a high national office appear as likely as a near-term Middle East peace agreement.

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